General Electric Water Heaters

General Electric Water Heaters

General Electric Standard Water Heaters

Hot water is something we take for granted these days but in reality it can take a good deal of energy to provide enough for a family. The average house will include a water heater of some sort, and a General Electric water heater is a popular choice. It is no secret that General Electric water heaters are among the best electric water heaters you can buy, being well made by a company with an impeccable reputation and a great deal of experience in the field. With many different models to choose from, GE hot water heaters are a quality product and can be suitable for home or commercial use.

Why GE Standard Water Heaters?

QUALITY OF LIFE GE is America’s #1 selling water heater*
 Enjoy peace of mind by relying on GE, a name that you know and can trust.

CONVENIENCE Multiple models are available, ranging from 28- to 80-gallon capacities. Along with electric, gas or liquid propane (LP) gas fuel types, GE offers energy-efficient designs, large-capacity tanks, point-of-use and high-altitude models.

PROTECTION If anything should go wrong with your heater in the first year, we will come to your home and repair or replace the parts or tank. GE water heaters offer a range of warranty terms** and features.

* Traqline 2009
** See written warranty for full details.

The SmartShield™ Sensor System for Standard Gas Water Heaters

FLAMMABLE VAPOR RESISTANT DESIGN The SmartShield Sensor System automatically shuts down the water heater if flammable vapors are detected.


STANDARD REPLACEMENT PARTS No special parts needed and easy to maintain to keep you in hot water.

SIMPLE PUSH BUTTON PILOT IGNITION Reliable, clean and easy. You’ll never have to fumble with matches again.

NO FILTERS TO CLEAN Unlike other designs, the SmartShield Sensor System requires no monthly maintenance and no filters to clean, service or replace.