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Premium 1/3 HP Zoeller Sump Pump with 5 Year Warranty


5 Year Warranty

Zoeller Model 63

Zoeller model 63 is similar in construction to the standard 53 model that is the standard to which all sumps are measured. This pump is designed work in the harshest of conditions. Reliability is the primary objective of this design by Zoeller. This model 63 is an upgrade from the 53 because it is built with a more robust switch designed to handle many more cycles during its lifetime. The switch is the most common part to fail on any Zoeller sump pump because the pump motors are just so well built. The model 63 also comes with a more heavy duty cord than the 53 model and has a LED lit plug so you can tell at a glance your pump has power. Because of the upgraded switch Zoeller offers a 5 year warranty on the 63 premium model. If your sump pump is constantly working an upgraded 63 model is worth the peace of mind and can be installed in your home today.

As part of our standard installation, Water Heaters Plus! will provide the new pump of your choice and any needed PVC connectors. We will Install the new pump with a new premium quiet check valve & clean up the area afterwards. We will also remove your old pump and dispose of it. We do not include removal of sealed sump pit covers in our standard installation pricing but can be added in addition to the standard install.

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