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Introducing Central Ohio's Only 

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Water Heater Shopping Experience!

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Are you a Central Ohio resident looking


to replace your current water heater?


You have come to the right place, we are Central Ohio's only water heater installation superstore. Here you will find all the trusted brands in residential and commercial water heating systems, AO Smith / Bradford White / Rheem & Ruud and tankless brands including Navien and Rinnai. We have all of them here with installation pricing right on the website. You don't need to waste your day driving to the box stores trying to find an associate to help that isn't going to have any idea how much it costs for installation or calling plumbing companies that want to set up appointments, send someone out to your home and pressure you into spending more than you want to when you are just trying to find out how much this is going to cost. We understand! Water heaters are our business and we will make this as simple as possible for you, and the other guys are not going to beat our price! That's why we can put it on the internet. 

Same Day Service Available

Water Heaters Plus! has served Central Ohio for 20 years

6 Months Same As Cash
Available on all financed projects!

Financing that works  included right in product quotes when applicable
9.99% ForTankless
12.99% For Tanks

Our Price Guarantee

Our pricing structure is simple and straight-forward; we make sure you understand the process and confirm your expectations before the work begins.  Having achieved a maturity in the industry, we understand what is standard and non-standard and can provide a quote that is guaranteed, without the risk of hidden fees.  The caution here is an honest price may appear higher than what many other companies provide; however we firmly promise to share the truth of your circumstances with you.  We will not entice you with a low quote, only to present you with a large, unmanageable debt when the job is complete.  Helping you understand the true scope, providing realistic pricing and helping you to be comfortable before the work begins is foundational for us.  These are among the principles that have enabled Water Heaters Plus to maintain an A+ rating with the Columbus Ohio Better Business Bureau, and why you can trust us in your home.

The Water Heaters Plus Service Difference

It is not enough to simply ensure your installation goes well and the equipment is operational.  One of the most intimate acts a person can extend is to invite someone into their home.  We are honored by your trust in us and promise not to let anyone in your home that we would not welcome in ours.  Our service professionals undergo a rigorous background check.  When a member of our team approaches your home, you can rest assured that you are in the care of a trusted professional.

We deepen our level of service with a simple understanding that issues can occur at any moment, and rarely in good timing.  The last thing you need in critical moments is the added stress of inflated and meaningless additional charges.  We will take care of you throughout the process and can provide same day installation at no extra cost, if scheduled by noon. 


How Our Water Heater Pricing Works


Our installation packages include delivery of your new water heater and haul away of your old water heater. Our packages also include installation of your new water heater in the same location as the previous one facing the same direction. We connect your new water heater to the same water lines, gas lines, venting or electric wire as the previous water heater. We provide new connection fittings and will inspect the piping that is being reused as well.

Additional charges could possibly apply such as some areas require a permit for water heater installations. Water Heaters Plus! is licenced in all the local jurisdictions and we will make sure the proper permit is pulled so you won't have any issues later. It may be possible some minor changes may be needed. In some circumstances, local codes may have changed since the last water heater was installed. Every now and then the venting may be worn out showing holes in it. In the event of anything out of the ordinary, we will tell you before any work begins and keep it simple. 

We offer a free in-home consultation or quotes using text messaging. In the event additional charges are needed, we promise to make sense of it. 


Avoid Corporate Predatory Sales


This phenomenon started in the home improvement industry many years ago. It really picked up steam when retired owners of regionally successful companies would make a second career out of training smaller companies how to sell what we have become to know as "Extras". Extras were never really actually extra but usually required changes that had to be done to satisfy local codes. The practice started off as a subtle method believed to help secure projects when homeowners were known to price shop. Once it became common practice, most homeowners began to understand they were not going to be able to get accurate pricing until the work was pretty much complete. 


Then the phenomenon took a different form when large companies began to sub-contract smaller companies to actually do the projects. The larger companies had enormous advertising budgets and credit cards available to finance larger projects. The large companies did an excellent job of making it easier to spend money on home improvements. The problem with this was the large companies set the pricing to dominate their market paying little or no attention to the actual hard cost of completing the projects they were selling.


Water Heaters Plus survived and actually thrived in this environment by keeping costs to a minimum. We have collected some of the best water heater installers over the years by being good to our employees and treating them like family. We have developed a tight knit group that knows how to get the job done!


Now we have come to a point as a company where we will be leaving the corporate sub-contracting world behind. We survived so long by being honest and doing well above average work for the price. We have been phased out of the machine like so many others. 

What we are seeing in our industry now is an even more aggressive turn of events in regards to predatory corporate sales. Before, the corporate entity was providing value, often a lot of value, to the customer and it was kind of a trade off. What is happening now is one corporate entity is handing off the customer to not a local company but to another corporate entity and it isn't stopping there. We have personally seen homeowners put through a chain of three corporate entities before reaching Water Heaters Plus. Each entity in taking money off the top and handing it off to another entity to do the same and so forth. So with this new development you are seeing extras everywhere because each entity has to make a profit. The newest extra is memberships. They want you to purchase a membership basically because they have a pretty good idea that will be the only way you will ever call them back after you make a million calls to get your job done; and hopefully nothing goes wrong because that is a whole different story!



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Factory authorized service for all major water heater brands.

Licenced & Bonded

Licensed in the State of Ohio and all of Central Ohio's local municipalities  


Water Heaters Plus has been serving Central Ohio since 2003. Specializing in cost effective water heater repair and replacement.


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6330 Proprietors Rd. Suite A Worthington OH 43085


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