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Water Heater Replacement


Since you are here it's probably time for a water heater replacement. You are certainly in the right place. Our goal is to give you as much information as you need to make a confident decision for your next replacement. The water heater is the second largest energy consumer in your home and one of the amenities that make a house a home. We specialize in water heater replacements. If you are out of hot water and in need of a quick quality installation or even if you are just researching for your next home improvement project, you are in the right place. We get straight to the point with package pricing right on our site and plenty of detailed information for those wanting to dig a little deeper. 

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Tankless vs. Hot Water Tanks

Since the water heater replacement industry has changed so rapidly over the past decade every homeowner is going to feel like a first time buyer. In most cases homeowners have some questions about tankless water heaters and if one would be the best choice for their next replacement. Water heater replacement choices don't stop there, though. With so many brands of hot water tanks and warranty choices, hot water tanks can be even more overwhelming. We will start off with tankless water heaters. They seem to what everyone wants to consider first. then we will go over hot water tank replacements. 

Do I Want A Tankless Water Heater?

In almost all cases a tankless water heater is the best choice if you are going to be in your home for the foreseeable future. If you plan to live in your home less than six years and currently have just one hot water tank, surprisingly a hot water tank will probably be your best choice. If you plan to live in your home for the foreseeable future or if you have two hot water tanks in your home then you are going to want consider replacing your water heater with a quality tankless water heater. Surprisingly the very first automatic residential water heaters were actually tankless water heaters. These very first water heaters worked similarly to today's

units and a small number of these 1920's water heaters are still in use 

today! We look at tankless as being very new technology and it is but the

method is not. With their tankless design, these original water heaters 

were more energy efficient than most of today's tank type water heaters. 

It was only with the world wars that we changed to our modern day tank

type water heater to save copper for the war effort. Currently most of the

rest of the world uses some type of tankless water heater and with the

movement to conserve energy and be better to our environment, chances

are good even if this water heater replacement is a tank the next one will

most likely be tankless. 


Hot Water Tank Brand Choices

Just because tankless water heaters are the belle of the ball doesn't mean tankless is always the best option. Hot water tanks come in a wide variety of brands and models and unlike in years past all hot water tanks are not made virtually the same. We offer AO Smith / Bradford White / HTP / Rheem & Ruud tank type water heaters. Each brand has specialty commercial products and they all make a variety of other tank & tankless type products. These brand highlights may only apply to the category of residential 29 gallon - 80 gallon gas and electric water heaters. 

AO Smith

  • The largest manufacturer of water heaters

  • Has Warranty platforms of 6 / 9 / 12 years for residential water heaters.

  • 1 year service labor warranty on all warranty platforms.

  • Warranty is transferable.

  • Currently sold at Lowes.

Owns GSW Water Heaters / State Water Heaters / American Water Heaters which licenced and made Whirlpool water heaters formerly sold at Lowes / Reliance Water Heaters / Lochinvar / Takagi / and US Craftmaster Water Heaters.

Bradford White

  • American made.

  • Sold only with installation through professional plumbers.

  • Tanks come in a 6 year warranty platform with a 10 year warranty upgrade available. 

  • 1 year service labor warranty.

  • 6 year warranty tank is self cleaning.

  • Warranty is transferable.


  • Water Heaters Plus! sells 50 gallon to 80 gallon electric HTP models.

  • American made.

  • Tank is entirely stainless steel with stainless steel heating elements.

  • Lifetime tank warranty to the owner if warranty registered when installed.

  • 6 year parts warranty and 6 year tank warranty if not registered or if transferred. 

Rheem / Ruud

  • Our Rheem tanks come in 6 / 9 / 12 year warranty platforms.

  • 6 year tanks have a 1 year service labor warranty / 9 year models have a 2 year service warranty / 12 year models have a 3 year labor warranty.

  • Warranty is transferable.

  • Licenced and made GE brand water heaters formerly sold at Home Depot. 

  • Rheem brand is Currently sold at Home Depot.

The National Energy Conservation Act

Now let's look at what what makes residential water heaters the same. The short answer to that is the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) which was created in 1975 to standardize the rules by which appliances were made because states were making their own rules and standards. The NAECA was enacted in 1987 and had various stages or deadlines for certain aspects. Starting in 1990 and ending in 2015 these stages have had major effects on how water heaters sold in the US are made and perform. These stages have made water heaters both more energy efficient and safer to use in our homes. This also means the water heaters available for purchase today are completely different than the water heater you are removing quite possibly.

Important Differences Between Older And New Hot Water Tanks

  • The largest difference is lifespan. If you are replacing a tank that you feel is pretty much new, then you see this first hand. Water heaters that are not self cleaning are to have a service life of less than 8 years. Brands that offer 9 and 12 year tank warranties make those units self cleaning and therefore this standard does not apply to 9 and 12 year units. Bradford White makes 6 year warranty tanks self cleaning so they can offer a warranty upgrade. If your old tank lasted 20 years you may not feel a warranty is important to you, but without doing proper research you may be purchasing another tank in just a few years.

  • Water heaters are more complicated to install. With new safety requirements hot water tanks are built with sensors and devices that can shut down the water heater until changes are made that let the water heater operate in it's ideal circumstances. This can be very frustrating for the do it yourselfer or handyman that doesn't understand why the water heater keeps shutting off or worse yet, won't come back on.

  • New water heaters are larger. The same capacity water heater will have a larger footprint now. Often homeowners will need to down size in capacity to physically fit a new tank into the same location as the previous one. We have methods on hand to increase the performance of smaller units to supply even more hot water than the older larger capacity models. If you find yourself in this situation, don't worry we can help.

  • Hot water tanks are more expensive. The research and development that went into making these new water heaters is astounding. Consumers often look at this the wrong way. These manufactures completely changed the way hot water tanks work and operate but kept so much of it the same. By being able to use the same location and same type of exhaust vent/gas line/electric wire/water pipes a tank replacement is much less expensive overall then if the manufactures just changed to a design that was the easiest to build. Don't look at these new tanks and just think they are just so expensive. Tank manufacturers spent an unknown amount of money, effort and time to make it possible to have a less expensive option for replacement while still meeting NECA's strict standards. Without the effort put forth by these tank manufactures everyone would have no choice but to replace with a tankless or a tank that costs more than a tankless unit. Manufactures even banded together to push back NECA standards for the final stage. Stating the price point would be unfair to the consumer if the original efficiency levels stated in 1987 were kept in place. 

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of the direction you want to go with your next replacement. If you would like to speak to someone about scheduling an in home consultation or to discuss your home's options further. Please give us a call.


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 For more information on water heater replacements, including pricing. Please click one of the links below to explore further!   

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Aaron A. put in a new hot water tank in today and he is just the finest example of technician that knows what he is doing and very neat and respectful of my home . He did such a great job we are having him back to change out kitchen sink run new lines install new dish washer. He is a great asset to your company satisfied customer. J. Peters.

J. Peters 3/6/21

Words can't describe how happy I am with this company. My water heater was in a closet no one wanted to touch because of how little room it has. I was quoted over the phone with just 4 pictures in 15 minutes and they got the job done the day they said they would ( one day later) . The price was about 500 dollars less than other quotes. I highly recommend this company!!

Joe W. 3/16/21

Jason and Bill both provided us with excellent service when our water heater unexpectedly stopped working. They were able to figure out the issue and install a new water heater the same day I called. They clearly explained the issue and related costs, and worked with us to make the process as smooth as possible. Jason even stayed on hold with the manufacturer for almost 3 hours to ensure we got our refund. I can’t recommend Water Heaters Plus enough!

Rachel R. 3/16/21

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