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10 Year Tank & Parts Warranty

1 Year Service Labor Warranty

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Model HPS10-50H45DV

Dual 4500 Watt
Diameter 22 x Height 63

AO Smith

Heat Pump

50 Gallon

Dual 4500 Watt

Water Heater


Installation Included!
Pre-Approval Takes Only Minutes! 
For Informational Purposes only

Installation Includes

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Delivery of New Water Heater

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Free Drain Pan

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Haul Away & Recycling of Old Tank

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New Water Heater Start-Up

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New Connectors for Gas / Water / Vent

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Gas Piping Inspection / Leak Check

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3-Year Warranty On Installed Plumbing

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Installation In Same Location 

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Permit Processing if Required

"A. O. Smith's Signature 900 Series 50-gallon smart hybrid electric heat pump water heater provides efficient and reliable hot water for 3 to 4 person households, when sized appropriately. A. O. Smith's 900 Series smart heat pumps combines our most efficient technology and added peace of mind with our new Leak Watch® and Leak Shield® features. This hybrid electric heat pump water heater can save you up to 76% in annual energy costs versus a comparable standard electric water heater--that's $385 per year, or $3,850 over 10 years, in potential energy savings! Get up to $2,000 back on your 2023 federal tax return when you purchase an energy efficient heat pump water heater this year. Additional rebates may be available in your local area—see Lowe's rebate center for details. How does it work? While in heat pump mode, A. O. Smith's innovative design absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to the tank instead of using the heating elements. During this process it also dehumidifies and cools the ambient air. This model features two backup 4,500-watt copper heating elements for fast recovery during peak demand periods. There's also a user-friendly electric interface, so you can adjust the temperature, select from four operating modes and review service diagnostics for ultimate control of your hot water usage. Count on the reliable design of this hybrid water heater from A. O. Smith for long-lasting performance. It features durable copper elements, a protective anode rod and a ceramic fused tank shield to reduce corrosion and prevent tank damage. This heat pump comes with a 10-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.

  • ENERGY STAR® certified 50-gallon hybrid electric water heater offers up to $385 per year in energy savings

  • Eligible for $2,000 Federal Tax Credit, additional rebates may apply (see Lowe's rebate center for details)

  • Ideal hot water delivery for 3 to 4 person households, when sized appropriately

  • iCOMM® smart connectivity allows you to get notifications and manage your hybrid electric heat pump water heater from your smartphone

  • Leak Watch® smart technology provides instant leak alerts for added peace of mind

  • Leak Shield® shut-off valve automatically shuts off the water supply when a leak is detected (accessory included)

  • Tank Guard Plus® smart tank system adapts to local water quality for added tank protection

  • Operates quietly at 45 DBA

  • Delivers 65 gallons in the first hour via two back-up 4,500-watt copper heating elements

Tax Certificate

Government Tax Credit Website

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Use & Care Manual 

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