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10 Year Tank & Parts Warranty

1 Year Service Labor Warranty

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Model XE50T10H45U0

Dual 4500 Watt
Diameter 22 1/4 Height 62


Heat Pump

50 Gallon

Dual 4500 Watt

Water Heater


Installation Included!
Pre-Approval Takes Only Minutes! 
For Informational Purposes only

Installation Includes

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Delivery of New Water Heater

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Free Drain Pan

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Haul Away & Recycling of Old Tank

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New Water Heater Start-Up

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New Connectors for Gas / Water / Vent

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Gas Piping Inspection / Leak Check

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3-Year Warranty On Installed Plumbing

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Installation In Same Location 

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Permit Processing if Required

The Rheem ProTerra Electric hybrid is the smartest, most efficient water heater on the market. Heat pump technology makes it 3X MORE EFFICIENT than a new conventional electric model (of the same capacity). Higher efficiency means more energy savings. It's so efficient, it pays for itself in energy cost savings. This model has an estimated energy cost savings of up to $315 per year, or up to $3,150 over 10-years. Plus, it's energy rebate eligible-super high efficiency means it could be eligible for state, local or utility rebates. It's smart: with its built-in WiFi and the EcoNet app, you can check hot water availability, track energy usage and can control its modes; choose the efficiency or performance you want. As a Performance Platinum, it comes with a 10-year warranty and 1-year in-home labor warranty.

  • Provides an estimated energy cost savings of $315 per year

  • Pays for itself in energy cost savings thanks to an amazing 3.75 uniform energy factor and features that deliver long-term savings

  • Smartest: built-in EcoNet Wi-Fi technology allows you to manage hot water and avoid cold showers; track weekly, monthly & yearly energy usage; and manage heating schedule your mobile device

  • Sustainable: reduces Carbon footprint with 75% reduction in energy use

  • Save even more with Energy Star rebates: it's Energy Star certified so it may be eligible for rebates in your area. Check for rebates through your state and local government or electric utility provider

  • Self-cleaning: fights sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank to prolong tank life and maintain efficiency

  • More hot water: provides more hot water than many standard residential electric models providing ample hot water for households with 3-5 people or homes with 3+ bathrooms

  • Easy installation: easily accessible electrical junction box for convenient hook up and drop-in replacement for nearly any standard electric water heater

  • Ductable: Duct colder exhaust air into your attic, another room or out of your home

  • Easy to maintain: premium brass drain valve for easy draining and stainless steel elements that prevent buildup

  • Warranty: 10-year warranty with 1-year in-home labor warranty

  • Leak Detection and Auto Shutoff sold separately, upgrade to Proterra HS models for built in Leak Detection and Auto Shutoff

  • Demand Response Ready: if your utility requires a grid connection, connect without any additional costs and save more with Off-peak Scheduling

  • Savings & efficiency information is located on Product Specification documents

  • As with any Wi-Fi connected device, for best performance use your phone or tablet to check the Wi-Fi signal strength in the area where the water heater will be installed prior to purchase

Tax Certificate

Government Tax Credit Website

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Use & Care Manual 

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