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10 Year Tank & Parts Warranty

2 Year Service Labor Warranty

Model 10E80-HP530

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Dual 4500 Watt
Diameter 24 1/4in x Height 74 3/16in


Heat Pump Hybrid

80 Gallon


Water Heater


Installation Included!
Pre-Approval Takes Only Minutes! 
For Informational Purposes only

Installation Includes

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Delivery of New Water Heater

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Free Drain Pan

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Haul Away & Recycling of Old Tank

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New Water Heater Start-Up

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New Connectors for Gas / Water / Vent

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Gas Piping Inspection / Leak Check

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3-Year Warranty On Installed Plumbing

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Installation In Same Location 

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Permit Processing if Required

This heat pump-electric hybrid is the smartest, quietest, and most efficient water heater on the market. It features a hybrid heat pump design, up to 400 percent more efficient than standard electric water heaters. It's so efficient, it pays for itself in only 2-3 years. It's also energy rebate eligible, which means it could be eligible for state, local, or utility rebates. It's smart-control it from your phone to manage temperature and modes to optimize hot water demand and energy savings. With its built-in Wi-Fi and the EcoNet app, you can check hot water availability, track energy usage, and can even control its heating schedule. To ensure long-term peace of mind, it comes with a 10-year tank warranty and a two-year in-home labor warranty.


Up to $2,000 Tax Credit available

Tax Credit is limited to 30% of the cost of equipment and the installation up to $2,000. Consult a tax advisor for qualifications, and visit for additional details.

  • Provides an estimated energy cost savings of more than $460/yr. for electric tank homeowners

  • Gas tank homeowners can save over $150 per yr. in energy costs by switching to the Encore hybrid heat pump water heater

  • Pays for itself in 2-3 yrs. thanks to an amazing 4.00 Uniform Energy Factor and features which deliver long-term savings

  • Built-in EcoNet Wi-Fi technology allows you to manage hot water and avoid cold showers, track weekly, monthly and yearly energy usage, and manage heating schedule your mobile device

  • Optimize the efficiency or performance you want with high demand mode to provide more hot water when needed or vacation mode to save energy and costs when you're away

  • Start saving right away; utility rebates up to $1,000 may apply to this heat pump water heater

  • Duct colder exhaust air into your attic, another room or out of your home

  • Reduces carbon footprint with a 75% reduction in energy use

  • Providing ample hot water for households with 2 to 4 people

  • 10-year warranty with 2-year in-home labor warranty for long term protection

  • Savings and efficiency information located on product specification documents

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Tax Certificate

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.gov Tax Credit Website

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Use & Care Manual 

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