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Basement Watchdog Battery Backup with Battery & Installation


2 Year Warranty

Basement Watchdog Connect Battery Backup System

The Basement Watchdog Special Connect is our most popular battery backup sump pump system. It incorporates most of the sought after features of premium level backups. It will provide 24 hour a day monitoring, a smart Wi-Fi capable controller and days of pumping on a single battery charge. The Basement Watchdog Special CONNECT will protect your basement from a power outage, primary sump pump or float switch failure and provide extra pumping capacity when needed. It will sound an audible alarm and give a visual warning on the control box pinpointing needed maintenance or irregularities with the battery, pump, or power conditions. This system is part of the Basement Watchdog Connect line, giving it the ability to communicate with the Basement Watchdog WiFi Module (BW-WiFi - sold separately). When connected to the Basement Watchdog WiFi module, the system will send a text, email or a notification through the Basement Watchdog App to alert of any irregularities. The Basement Watchdog Special Connect is designed with reliability in mind. With its 24 hour a day monitoring, easy to understand alarms, weekly self-test, 1850 GPH at 10 ft. lift sump pump, dual float switch, a 1.6 Amp smart charger and long-lasting battery, you can feel safe that the Basement Watchdog is watching out for you.

This package includes the basement watchdog system, battery, acid pack and installation. This cost does not include the primary pump or installation of a new primary pump.

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