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Have Your Next Sump Pump or Sewage Ejector Installed
By A Licenced Plumbing Company For Less Than You Think

Working in Central Ohio for 20 years, Water Heaters Plus! has gotten really good and providing fast same day service. If you need your sump pump or sewage ejector repaired or replaced quickly by an expert, then you are at the right place. Let us help you replace your sump pump or sewage ejector quickly & affordably. 

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Same Day Service Available


$35 Sump Pump Inspection

Refunded With Purchace

Your home may or may not require a sump pump. Needing a sump pump depends on a variety of things: your home’s age, where you live, and your area’s water table level. In the midwest, sump pumps are typically standard.

The sump pump is the heart of your home's drainage system, extracting excess water out of your home through a discharge valve.

Most sump pumps are placed on a bed of gravel at the bottom of pit with a discharge pipe hooked to the circular ring on the left side of the unit. If installed properly, your sump pump collects all excess water surrounding your house.

If your home justifies having  a sump pump replacing it can be an expensive endeavor. Avoid sump pump mishaps by understanding the key component to its function and up keep


Keeping your basement dry is essential to the foundation integrity of your home. Water problems can wreak havoc on your basement—and on your wallet. There doesn’t have to be a big flood to cause damage. Smaller, slow leaks and cracks in your house structure can lead to unwanted water in your home.

And a wet basement is no fun.

Basement dampness and flooding is due in part to inclement weather and poor foundation. The other part of the equation is the system that’s controlling your water flow—your sump pump.

Purchase a submersible sump pump that can be placed inside the sump basin. Secure an airtight lid over your sump basin.This sealing lid will hold moisture inside the sump basin, preventing dampness. Submersible sump pumps make less noise and are terrific for finished basements that are used as living quarters.

Don’t install your sump pump and forget about it. All sump pumps should be inspected regularly by the homeowner doing a visual check to make sure the pit is not full of water. Depending on the basement, Finished basements should have the sump pump inspected once per year and unfinished basements can have the sump pump inspected every 2-3 years depending on the amount of water normally discharged by the pump. 

Remember, when a sump pump fails it often leads to extensive damage and insurance claims. Don't wait until it's too late!

Have A Back Up Plan

Sump pump failures can be catastrophic and certainly something you want to avoid at just about any cost. Failures can be a simple failure of the sump pump or switch. It can also be caused by power outages as well. Backup plans don't necessarily need to be expensive. A simple water alarm will give you a fighting chance for sure. As long as you are home and can hear the alarm you will be alerted before any flooding starts. The only issue with this is you may not have time to remedy the situation before flooding starts. In the event the failure is caused by a power outage, a backup generator maybe all you need. We commonly recommend 2 main types of backup systems and we recommend all sump pumps have at least a low cost alarm installed. These are very similar to a smoke alarm in construction and price. 

Battery Backup Systems

Battery backups are the most popular and overall usually cost less. These systems often come packaged with a electrical powered main pump along with a 12 volt backup pump that is powered by a large battery that is very similar to a car battery. These systems often come with an alarm system as well. The main drawback to these systems is the limit of battery power available from the battery. The battery will have a small trickle charger that in the event of a main pump failure, the charger may allow the battery to keep up in normal circumstances for some time. 

Water Powered Backup Systems

Water powered systems are considered more reliable due to your home's constant supply of water. These systems are not recommend for homes that have well systems. In the event of a power outage your well pump will most likely not work either. Stick with a battery backup if you have a well system. For anyone with mucilipality supplied water. You have a very stable potential source of power using water pressure. It is VERY important to know that a lot of the potential cost of a water powered system comes from making these systems SAFE. Anytime you connect your household's water supply to something that can contaminate it. It is not only suggested but also code in most areas that a testable backflow preventer be used on the fresh water supply. This backflow preventer will need to be installed to isolate the water powered pump. Your home may already have a backflow preventer for a sprinkler system. In most cases the pump will need it's own however. We offer a free in home consultation for anyone interested in adding this very powerful backup solution to their home to prevent flooding. 

Common Types of Sump Pumps

Submersible sump pumps:

Capable of working when completely underwater and uses a float switch that turns the pump on when groundwater rises in the sump pit. Since it is below the ground and water level, it makes for a much quieter and less noticeable pump.

Pedestal sump pumps:

An older type of a non-submersible sump pump. The float which is responsible for turning the pump on and off looks a lot like a toilet tank float. The pedestal sump pumps should be correctly installed and secured so that it doesn’t tip over and jam its float causing the pump to fail when needed. Pedestal pumps also provide easy access for repairs if needed.

Battery-backup sump pumps:

We can add a battery-backup sump pump to an existing system for whenever the primary sump pump stops working. It has a rechargeable battery that keeps the pump working if electrical power fails. This is recommended for property where there are frequent power failures. Especially in areas that experience harsh storms that cause power outages.
Note: The battery-backup sump pumps doesn’t normally pump as fast as the primary sump pumps.

Water powered sump pumps:

These pumps are usually turned on manually by opening a water valve close to the pump. Their main advantage is that they can operate without electrical power. They have no battery to wear out or maintain. Water powered sump pumps use municipal water pressure and a Venturi fitting to pick up and eject water from the building in case of a flood.
Note: This type of pump can only be installed by a licenced plumbing company. A permit will be required in most cases & a testable backflow preventer might have to be installed per local code. If a testable backflow is installed, it will be required to be tested once per year and recertified. 

Common Problems with Sump Pumps

A sump pump can stop working for multiple reasons

  • Broken float switch

  • More water than the pump can handle

  • Clogged intake screen

  • Power failure

  • Improper installation

  • Lack of maintenance

  • Debris causing the switch operate improperly

A Sump Pump Inspection Should Include

  • Visual inspection of the water level

  • Any loose or floating Debris present?

  • Is an alarm installed? change the battery and note the date

  • Check the overall age & condition of the pump

  • Does the switch operate? Cycle the switch a few times to be sure

  • Does the pit have a cover? Covers keep out unwanted items that can keep the switch from operating properly. It is also better for indoor air quality to cover the sump pit.


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