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Descaling a tankless water heater is a great opportunity to have an expert look at the overall condition of the water heater. We can often prevent costly service calls buy removing the cover and looking at all the working components of the unit. We pay special attention to the wearable parts and update you on their condition. We also remove and clean internal water and air filters and check for stored error codes in the unit's computer. Tankless water heaters check themselves many times a second, a fault may not be bad enough to shut the unit down but it will store that code. We can look at those during a descaling visit and determine if something just needs cleaned up. Or we might suggest a part replacement so you don't end up with a larger issue later. In addition to all of that. We use a color changing solution that tells us if the descaler is still able to remove deposits inside of the unit. Many system flushes fail simply because the amount of scale inside of the unit is unknown and it is not able to be visually inspected. Once the solution becomes saturated it is unable to remove anything else. Continuing to circulate a saturated solution is a waste of time. When our flush is complete you can be sure any scale build up has been removed.  A lot of others offer tankless cleanings but no one is going to do it like

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Water Heaters Plus has been specializing in tankless water heaters for nearly 20 years. Early tankless water heaters were fairly basic. Many people don't realize the first residential water heaters. Were not tanks but actually copper coils inside of a steel housing. Those early water heaters were more efficient than today's tank type water heaters. Some of those early "tankless" water heaters are still in service today, nearly 100 years later!

Those water heaters will be a hard act to follow. However the same is still true today. As long as parts are available. Tankless units can always be repaired, since there is no tank to go bad, the rest of the unit is only an assembly of various parts. 

If only it was as simple as that. Today's tankless water heaters are truly complex systems that incorporate  a lot of your home's plumbing system.  So many customers are astonished when their water heater problem ends up being a shower cartridge in the guest bathroom. Another common cause for problems is installation mistakes. After nearly 20 years we have repaired and even made some minor mistakes that end up being the best lessons. One thing we have certainly learned over the years. Leave no stone unturned. It is often important to not only find the part that broke, but find out why. 


My favorite repair may be a Navien unit that was very well installed but suddenly wouldn't work for more than a few minutes. Obviously a tankless water heater owner is not going to stand for that! Now we were the 3rd or 4th contractor called. Probably because we hardly advertise. Anyway this homeowner had nearly $1,000 in diagnostic charges from the previous repair companies and still didn't have a working water heater! After about 15 minuets we realized a roofing contractor that just installed a new roof. Placed a cosmetic cap around the exhaust pipe. It was an easy repair. Unfortunately the other companies were only looking at the unit and not the entire system.

We work on all brands. We are certified on all the standard brands. We are also one of a small number of Rinnai's ACE Service Providers. It is their highest service distinction.  


If you are having a problem with a tankless water heater, give us a call. You will be glad you did! 

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Factory authorized service for all major water heater brands.

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Water Heaters Plus has been serving Central Ohio since 2003. Specializing in cost effective water heater repair and replacement.


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