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40 Gallon Electric Water Heaters

You Get To Choose How Long Your New Water Will Last

Important Things To Consider

  • New water heaters are designed and engineered to fail in a determined amount of time. This is due to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act. This Act was passed by congress in 1975 and amended in 1987 to include residential hot water tanks. The last phase of this act went into effect in 2014 and requires tanks to last a determined amount of time.

  • The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act  eliminated traditional 80 gallon electric water heaters from the residential market. Today's traditional style 80 gallon electric tanks are considered and sold as light commercial water heaters.

  • If you would like a larger water heater but you are restricted by space, consider adding a water heater booster. They are non-powered and can be installed along with your new water heater. A booster will increase a 40 gallon tank's performance to the level of a 60 gallon electric water heater.

  • Hybrid electric water heaters have been slowly becoming commonplace in the market. Early failures, most likely due to manufacturers rushing to meet National Appliance Energy Conservation Act deadlines, really set hybrid water heaters behind in the minds of both consumers and plumbers. 

  • New hybrid water heaters are much better than the first generation models, however consumers may still find difficulties finding repair service for the heat pump components of these tanks. Currently Water Heaters Plus! does not service the heat pump component of these units due to refrigerant licensing. Many HVAC companies still will not work on hybrid units as well, due to the small size of the components and non-standard sizing of components.

  • Hybrid water heaters are the most energy efficient option by far for electric water heating. 

  • Hybrid water heaters make a noise similar to an old refrigerator because of the heating process. Hybrid water heaters will lower the temperature of the room they are in by 3-5 degrees. Hybrids also dehumidify an area as a by product of it's heating process. This could be an added benefit for basement locations as it will eliminate the need for a separate dehumidifier. Hybrids also need a lot of air space to operate properly. Installation inside of a closet or small room will need to have ducting installed to allow the hybrid water heater access to adequate air space. Without the required air space the hybrid will operate as a standard water heater using its back up heating elements and will provide virtually no energy savings over a standard water heater. 

  • We recommend your choice of water heater warranty closely reflect the amount of time you expect to live in your home. This is because new water heaters often last just a year or two past the warranty period. The industry says they are designed to last the warranty period and one additional day. We have seen many units fail just a month or two past the warranty period.  

  • Your next water heater will be more expensive than this one. 

  • Bradford White's 6 year warranty tank is self cleaning, therefore it can last longer than non self cleaning tanks according to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act. Because of this Bradford White offers a warranty upgrade and not a different line of water heaters for longer warranties.​​

  • Water heaters are not warranty pro rated like car batteries. If a water heater fails during the warranty period, you get a brand new heater. If any fee is charged by the supply house or store you receive a brand new warranty. If it is an even swap, the new tank will inherit the remaining warranty of the previous water heater. Also, 12 year tanks are only swapped out with 12 year tanks, the same applies to 9 and 6 year models as well.

  • You do not need a receipt of purchase. The tank's serial number provides its date of manufacture for warranty purposes. Receipts usually don't last 12 years of course.

How Long Will Your Next Water Heater Need To Last?

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Our ultimate goal is to make your next water heater replacement as simple and affordable as possible. If you would rather have one of our expert technicians come out to your home and assess your current situation. We offer an in home consultation and will provide you with a written quote at no charge.

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