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Simply The Easiest Way To Replace Your Water Heater


If you could answer a few simple questions to find the best locally available water heater for you and your family, how much it will cost and choose an appointment for installation that is convenient for your need and schedule; Would you answer them? 

You have already answered the first and most difficult question, select an option above and answer the next questions to find your next water heater.


Happy Senior Couple

Yvette S.

Comments: Very knowledgeable of their products and installation. Was easy to decide because of this. Having payment options as well as great warranty choices

Gary S.

Aaron did a great job! you have found a new customer whenever the opportunity arises. I’ve been in business for over 60 years and I have seen only one or two companies that come close to the professional  job you guys have done. I will let my friends and others know about water heaters plus.

Joe W.

Words cant describe how happy I am with this company. My water heater was in a closet no one wanted to touch because of how little room it has. I was quoted over the phone with just 4 pictures in 15 minutes and they got the job done the day they said they would ( one day later) . The price was about 500 dollars less than other quotes. I highly recommend this company!!

They installed a water heater and did an amazing job. Same day install and the price was 500 dollars lower than anyone else. They Showed up on time and out the door within 2 hours. Cleaned everything up and hauled away my old water heater. Very professional company and their tech was a super nice guy. I highly recommend them.

Purchasing a new water heater doesn't need to be difficult. Unfortunately most plumbing companies that sell and install water heaters as a small part of what they do as an overall business, and don't actually know much about them. Make no mistake, a plumbing company can safely install any water heater, but is it the right water heater for you? If it was already on the truck, it is probably better for them, not you. Water heaters have undergone a massive change in the past 7 years and there was another massive change just a few years before that. Since most people in the plumbing industry were not carefully following along, it almost appears the water heater industry changed overnight. Most plumbers still don't understand the ramifications of this last change. We have condensed all the effects or these changes into a few questions that will lead you right to the best water heater for your household. We will offer you a written quote right from our website. We offer choices for installation that let you decide when your new water heater will be installed. If you need it done quickly, that's okay and we completely expect that. The water heaters displayed here are available today and can be installed today. Your water heater is the second largest energy consumer in your home and can have a life expectancy of anywhere between 6 and 20 years. Choosing the right one can mean saving thousands of dollars over the life of the unit. You don't have to wait for multiple companies to come out to give you a quote, you don't even need to drive around to the box stores trying to save money. We have we have made the decision process of choosing the best locally available water heater as easy as answering a few multiple choice questions. Take advantage of our 18 years specializing in water heater replacement, right here in Central Ohio. Click the button below to find your new water heater in a few short minutes and decide when you want to schedule an installation with one of our expert technicians.

Our ultimate goal is to make your next water heater replacement as simple and affordable as possible. If you would rather have one of our expert technicians come out to your home and assess your current situation. We offer an in home consultation free of charge and will provide you with a written quote.

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