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Important Things To Consider

  • Water heaters today are built to have a predetermined lifespan due to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act. This act was passed by Congress in 1975 and later amended in 1987 to include hot water tanks for residential use. The most recent phase of this act went into effect in 2015 and mandates that water tanks must have a specific lifespan.

  •  Bradford White water heaters are the only locally available propane water heaters that are self-cleaning. This is important because the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act states that non-self-cleaning tanks must fail in 8 years or less. You can expect any Bradford White tank to last at least 10 years. A warranty upgrade is available to guarantee a 10 year life-span.


  • Water heaters are not warranty pro-rated like car batteries. If a water heater fails during the warranty period. You get a brand new heater. If any fee is charged by the supply house or store. You receive a brand new warranty. If it is an even exchange, the new tank will inherit the remaining warranty of the previous water heater. 

  • You do not need a receipt of purchase. The tank's serial number provides its date of manufacture for warranty purposes

  • If you need to replace your propane power vent water heater, it may be worth considering a tankless option. Tankless models last longer by design, and Navien tankless units can be used with both natural gas and propane. This means that if you need repairs, the necessary parts will be easily accessible.

Does Your Water Heater Have a Black or Grey Motor On Top Like This? If So Choose The Link Labeled Power Vent Below.

Water Heater Installation 50g Powervent

The buttons below can be toggled on & off to show only the desired selections with pricing further below. The Tankless button will take you to our tankless page while keeping this page open. 

Propane Water Heater Choices

Our ultimate goal is to make your next water heater replacement as simple and affordable as possible. If you would rather have one of our expert technicians come out to your home and access your current situation. We offer an in home consultation and will provide you with a written quote at no charge.

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